Giving Tuesday

On this day of giving, Coldwater wants you to know how we will use your gift ...


Provides one person Coldwater Summer BBQ meals with burgers, vegetables and fruit for 9 weeks in the summer


Provides a child Coldwater Summer Lunches five days a week for 12 weeks in the summer


Provides a family of 4 nutritious hot meals twice a month at the Coldwater Food Pantry for a whole year


Provides weekend food packs for a Lee's Summit student all school year


Provides 15 families groceries at the Coldwater Food Pantry twice a month for a year

Make a one time donation to Coldwater

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Today is Giving Tuesday, but we want

to thank all of you who give your

time and resources to Coldwater

throughout the year. 


Thank you for understanding that

community organizations like

Coldwater can only continue

to help those in need when people

like you support us year-round. 


As a Coldwater donor or someone

considering a donation,

you should know …


How Matching Gifts Make a Larger Impact

You can make your gift more impactful if your employer matches your donation. Over 26 million individuals work for companies with matching gift programs and an estimated $2 billion-$3 billion is donated through matching gift programs annually.


Sometimes companies match monetary donations. Sometimes they reward employees who volunteer their time by giving their charity of choice a monetary donation. No matter how programs are designed, the employees and the charities can both benefit. Please consider checking with your company to see if you can take advantage of any of these types of programs. 


How Scheduled Gifts Make a Continuous Impact

A scheduled gift continues to give when your mind is on other important parts of your life like family and work. Consider becoming a Coldwater Monthly Giving Partner and ask your employer if a Matching Program is available.


Here are just a few Monthly Giving options.

No Fee:

1)Set up an ACH (bank draft) withdrawal from my checking account using Vanco.

(Click here to access an electronic version of the Vanco form.)  


2)Mail a check each month.


Fee Required:

1) Set up a monthly withdraw by credit card using Vanco.

(Requires small fee. Example: $25=$1.04 fee. Click here to access an electronic version of the Vanco form.)


2) Set up a monthly PayPal withdrawal.

(Requires small fee. Example: $25=$.99 fee. Set up through your personal Paypal account.)

How a Food Pantry Tax Credit Can Benefit You

If you choose to give to Coldwater this year, you can apply for a food pantry tax credit, which is available to those who make donations of cash or food supplies to a qualified local food pantry.


To Claim the Food Pantry Credit, attach the following to your Missouri tax return:

1)A completed Miscellaneous Income Tax Credits Form (MO-TC)

2)A completed Food Pantry Tax Credit Form (MO-FPT) or documentation from the food pantry which specifies the name of the food pantry, the dates and amounts of donations, and the name of the person making the donations.

The amount of the credit claimed may not exceed the amount of your Missouri tax liability in any given year. However, if the credit exceeds your tax liability, the excess amount may be carried forward three subsequent years.

Returns claiming the Food Pantry Tax Credit must be filed by April 15 of each fiscal year.

For more information about the Food Pantry Credit and to access the forms for claiming the credit, click here.


Why Donors & Volunteers Choose Coldwater

While we know we can't make everyone's challenges in life go away, we can at least help them get through one more day with grace, dignity and hope for a better tomorrow. Why do donors and volunteers choose Coldwater?


  • Local Charity
  • Family Volunteering Opportunities
  • Faith­-Based Organization
  • No Charge for Food or Clothing


Thanks to the support of our community, in the last year Coldwater has:


Delivered more than 9,000 Summer Lunches and 1,800 Summer BBQs


Served more than 5,000 Friends Day Lunches at Saturday Food Pantries


Distributed more than 160,000 pounds of food through the Food Pantry


Provided more than 150 backpacks of school supplies in the fall.


Adopted out more than 600 children for Christmas.


Make a one time donation to Coldwater

by clicking here.

Thank you for considering a

donation to Coldwater.

If you haven’t already, we invite you

to come volunteer in 2022 so you can

learn more about our organization.

You can contact Coldwater

at 816-786-0758 or email

Visit other tabs on of our website

to see how we are serving

the community. Watch for our

new website in 2022.


Make a one time
donation to Coldwater
by clicking here.


Turkey Call 2022


Can you provide 
a holiday meal 
for a struggling family? 

$35 provides a complete meal
for a food-insecure family

Can you answer Coldwater’s Turkey Call?

Thanksgiving is less than two months away and more families than ever will be struggling to prepare a Thanksgiving meal this year. And like many other grocery items, the price of turkeys and side dish items are expected to be higher this year. In the spirit of this giving season, can you help provide a holiday meal for a food-insecure family?  

Coldwater plans to distribute 350 10-12 pound turkeys with side dishes through our Food Pantry to those who need assistance with their holiday meals. We could use your help. 

A $35.00 donation to Coldwater will cover the cost of an entire holiday meal for a family, including a turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, and corn bread. 

If you can help, you can either send a monetary donation, make a donation online, or bring turkey(s) to our office. Cash/check donations for Coldwater's Turkey Call can be mailed to:

Coldwater of Lee's Summit
838 SW Blue Parkway
Lee's Summit, MO 64063

You can make online donations by clicking hereYou do not have to have a Paypal account. It will allow you to process a credit card.

Please call the office at 816-786-0758 to let us know if you will be dropping off a turkey(s).

For more information, contact our office or

Thank you for supporting Coldwater's mission and helping other families experience the joy of the season. 


Our 2022 Christmas Adoption Program will be in full swing soon. Please join us as we assist local families in providing a little extra Christmas magic this year. Each year we adopt over 600 children from the Lee’s Summit and KC Metro area.
If you would like to adopt a child this year, please email us at

How the program works:
Children aged birth-18 are signed up by their parents at Coldwater. The parents/guardians include items the child has requested for Christmas. We then give each family a number and each child in the family a letter to protect their privacy and for distribution purposes. Then we match each child's information to someone wanting to adopt a child for the holidays.
We ask that adopters spend around $50-$70 per child. 

If you choose to adopt a child, we will send the child's information to you via email or mail. We then ask you to bring your unwrapped gifts labeled with the child's number and letter on December 10 between 10 am and 2 pm to Deerbrook Church in Lee’s Summit. Our team will take it from there. We will deliver your gifts to the child’s family prior to Christmas.

We will start having information for children available around the second week of November -- just in time to get some Black Friday shopping done!

Thank you for considering adopting a child through Coldwater this Christmas. Please contact us at with any questions.

How to receive assistance:
If you or someone you know is in need of help with Christmas gifts for your/their children this year, please click here for more details about how and when to sign up for assistance.

Melisa Davis and Jennifer Collier

 Friends Day Food Pantry & Closet Closet 

now open second and fourth Saturdays 

at 838 SW Blue Parkway 

from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm 

& by appointment during the week.