- No Hungry Kids! Backpack Program (Early Childhood)

Preschool Backpacks is an effort between Coldwater and the Lee's Summit School District to provide hungry children at the early childhood level with a backpack of food for the weekend. Because this is a separate program from Coldwater's work at the elementary level through Harvesters' BackSnacks, food donations are needed. Food donations can be dropped off at Coldwater located inside Community of Christ Church at 1101 NE Independence Ave. (816-786-0758). For more information about this program or to inquire about volunteering, email NHK@coldwater.me

Preschool Backpacks Food List

Chicken or Tuna Helper

canned chicken or tuna

pizza kits (complete—no added ingredients)

pasta and pasta sauce

mac and cheese (complete—no added ingredients)

canned pasta with pull lids (like Chef Boyardee)

mac and cheese bowls (individual)

noodle soup cups

peanut butter

cereal (individual boxes)

oatmeal packets

Pop Tarts

fruit/applesauce cups

canned vegetables

canned fruit

fruit snacks

granola bars

pudding cups

cheese or peanut butter crackers packets

milk boxes (no refrigeration needed)

juice boxes
*No glass containers, please.