Covid19 Update - Out4Others

 Out4Others Youth Training Program Canceled for Summer 2020

We regret that we have to cancel our 2020 Out4Others youth volunteer training program for this summer. Unfortunately, many of the places where our students would normally volunteer are closed or are volunteer situations where distancing would be difficult. We do not know when these places will resume normal activity and be open to volunteers, so we are forced to make this difficult decision. We look forward to offering this volunteer experience again to 5th through 8th graders in summer 2021. Anyone looking for more individualized volunteer experiences can contact us at or 816-786-0758 regarding our other programs. Some food distribution programs will be continued this summer but most likely in a different format that requires an increased number of volunteers in more individualized roles. Other opportunities may also become available later in the summer so check back with us later for more information about these. Have a wonderful summer and stay safe.