League of Smiles

Have you ever smiled so much that your face hurt?  If you have ever been a part of the League of Smiles, then your answer is probably yes.  The League of Smiles has been around a while—it began in the early 90s as a Cornerstonian tradition, and now some League of Smiles all-stars have grown up and graduated college or started their careers. (So far no League of Smiles all-star has landed a career in the Major Leagues, but we shall see!)  Maybe one of the reasons the League of Smiles still exists today is that it offers a unique sports atmosphere.  Little ones and their families that want to get their feet wet and see what it’s like to be a part of a sport find in the League of Smiles a place that favors encouragement over judgment, teamwork over winning, learning over perfection, and friendships over championships.  And maybe those are reasons why the League of Smiles now fits so well under the umbrella of what Coldwater is and does.

The 2011 League of Smiles T-Ball season ends today with an awards ceremony and banquet.  Many thanks to Steve and Kristy Wopata and Jen Mueller for a great season—from promotion and sign-ups to registration and the banquet and all the fun that was had every Tuesday and Thursday night at games and practices.  Also, thank you to all the families that were a part of the 2011 T-Ball season—to the parents that helped coach teams and brought their kids to all the practices and games, to the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, family members and friends that encouraged and cheered everyone on from the sidelines, and of course to the great kids that made every game and practice fun, energizing, and entertaining!  See you next June for the 2012 season!

Don’t miss out on the League of Smiles soccer seasons coming in the Fall and Spring!