Monday, June 20, 2011

Impressions from Joplin

Coldwater volunteers trekked to Joplin a second time last Friday.  Here are some thoughts and photos from Sandra, one of the volunteers that went on the trip.

There are no words for what I saw. The pictures I took do not even justify it. It broke my heart to think that so many were lost in that devastation. We drove around and asked workers where we could be of help. They told us some roofers needed some help and told us where to go.
We arrived at a house and began picking up shingles for some guys who were roofing a ladies house who had no insurance, was battling cancer and her son was in prison. These guys were not roofers but ordinary guys from Kansas, Texas, Florida and other places donating their time to roof this ladies house. It was 96 in Joplin. We were hot on the ground. I can't imagine how hot these gentleman were. They were happy and joking around the whole time.
The group that went with Coldwater was truly amazing. Some great families with teenagers and children who I never once saw get upset or complain about what they were asked to do. We worked hard yesterday. I left feeling that we did a lot, but there is still so much to do.

Misty passed out bracelets with the words THE MIRACLE OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT ~ JOPLIN, MO 2011. It is truly today as I am home and able to sit and reflect on yesterday, that my heart begins to cry happy and sad tears for the city of Joplin as I wear my bracelet and read those words over and over. Thanks to all those who have made a difference in the past weeks and in the months ahead.

There are a few more Coldwater trips to Joplin coming up.  If you would like to go or would like more info on how to help, email Jackie at!